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Copper Shower Pans vs. Rubber Membranes Copper Shower Pans vs. Rubber Membranes

By Chris Lawson

I always want to give my customers and blog followers the best advice on the most economical yet highest quality tile-related installations. I've learned this information from years of hands-on doing of the jobs myself. The most costly repair is the leaky walk-in shower pan, which can sometimes be in excess of $500. I've done well over 100 of these repairs in my career and only 1 or 2% of these were rubber membrane repairs, while the other 98% were copper pans.

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Ceramic Tile Repairs: Floor Tile Replacement and Shower Re-grouts Ceramic Tile Repairs: Floor Tile Replacement and Shower Re-grouts

By Chris Lawson

Tile repairs are a very specialized service and it can be hard to get tile contractors interested in small, sometimes difficult, detailed repairs. The trick to these repairs is to remove and replace the cracked or broken materials without it being obvious that it has been repaired. To complete these repairs and have it not look like an afterthought is a very tricky undertaking.

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My name is Chris Lawson, and I am the owner and operator of Tile Excellence. I offer the highest quality tile installation work including ceramic tile installation, marble, granite and mosaic tile installation at the most reasonable prices in all of Boston's North Shore.